adoration, breastfeeding & colic

Adoration, Breastfeeding & Colic, the ABC’s of the early days with Cassidy Mason | Episode 3

Adoration, Breastfeeding & Colic…otherwise known as the ABC’s of the early days of with a newborn. In this podcast episode, Meg answers Cass’s questions as she starts her journey as a brand new mum to newborn baby Max. Like a lot of first time mums, she wants to know: Are dummies bad? Is excessive fussing a sign of colic? And why isn’t everyone as obsessed with my baby as I am?

A is for Adoration

You will naturally be obsessed with your baby in the early days (and always). Every coo, cry and cuddle is something you want to tell your friends and family about. You probably have dozens of photos on your phone already and you day dream about life with your little one as they grow. Meg explains that this early obsession with our babies is called ‘primary maternal preoccupation’. This is a very natural stage where your sensitivity becomes heightened and it usually starts at the end of pregnancy. Mums-to-be and new mums withdraw from the outside world, preferring to protect and care for their baby in this stage that’s often called ‘nesting’. Meg explains that it is critical for bonding and developing our little one’s emotional world.

Meg and Cass move in to talk about breastfeeding…

B is for Breastfeeding

Meg shares some tips to help Cass establish her milk supply and they delve into the bonding benefits of breastfeeding your infant. While it’s not to say that breastfeeding comes easily for everyone, and in some cases it’s just not possible but if you can and want to – breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience with some expert guidance and lots of practice.

And then they touch on the dreaded topic…colic.

C is for Colic

Meg shares the lowdown on colic. What it is? Why it happens? And how to manage excessive crying in newborns. Meg also talks about what to do if your little one is meets the “rules of three.” In other words, crying for at least 3 hours a day, for three days a week in a 3 week period.

Adoration, Breastfeeding & Colic, the ABC’s of the early days

That brings them to the subject of overstimulation, as well as the pros & cons of dummies or pacifiers and how to use them safely. Join Meg and Cass for more on how Mother Nature is a remarkable thing and new moms even more so. Listen now!

Guests on this show

Cassidy Mason

Cassidy Mason

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