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So much of your baby’s health is linked to nutrition – make informed choices about feeding for your little one’s growth and wellness.

Search articles, courses, podcasts & toolkits to discover more about breastfeeding, easy feeding schedules, introducing solids, science-based weaning and much more. 



Sleep is crucial to your baby’s brain development & overall health – learn how to manage and instil healthy sleep habits in your little one.

Search articles, courses, podcasts & toolkits to discover more about gentle sleep coaching, baby awake time, day-night sleep reversal and Meg’s ultimate sleep hacks and more. 


The first 3 years of your baby’s life play an enormous role in shaping their future. Discover ways to make the most of these exciting first years.

Search articles, courses, podcasts & toolkits to discover more about developmental milestones, the benefits of reading to your baby, activities to encourage your baby to reach milestones, optimising your baby’s development and more. 


Your trusted source of baby health and wellness advice to compliment check ups by a qualified healthcare professional.

Search articles, courses, podcasts & toolkits to discover more about keeping your baby healthy, the importance of sleep and nutrition on health, boosting your baby’s immunity, vaccinations and more. 

Meet Meg

Hi, I’m Meg Faure – an Occupational Therapist, co-author of 8 parenting titles, including the best-selling Baby Sense and Weaning Sense books, and founder of Parent Sense baby app. 

I discovered my ‘why’ over 20 years’ ago when I started working with parents and babies in clinical practice. As an infant specialist, I know that as new parents, we start our parenting journey with an idea of what our little ones will be like and how we want to raise them. But very often, the reality of parenting sets in and we quickly go into survival mode.

I’ve helped thousands of parents from across the world who, like you, are on a steep learning curve and figuring out their own style of parenting in the real world. As a parenting expert and mum of 3, I understand your challenges. I have made it my life’s work to support you to parent with confidence by providing balanced, down-to-earth guidance for raising resilient, happy children.

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