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Introducing SENSE by Meg Faure | Pilot episode

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Meg Faure

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Introducing SENSE by Meg Faure

Meg: Babies are such extraordinary little beings. As small as they are they can fascinate (and sometimes frustrate) new parents in ways we couldn’t even imagine before our little ones arrive in our lives. I’m Meg Faure and I’ve always had a love for babies – it’s one of the reasons I became an Occupational Therapist specialising in infants. I saw thousands of parents at my clinical practice who felt such overwhelm and confusion – something that I can relate to as a mom of three.

It was after I had my second baby that I knew I needed to share my expertise to support other parents in this journey of a lifetime. I went on to write 8 best-selling parenting and infant care books and later – the Parent Sense app – to give new moms and dads a guide that they could trust to help them raise their little ones with confidence.

This podcast is a continuation of my life’s work. It’s where we’ll have honest conversations about everything from getting your baby to sleep to dealing with mom guilt to some of the best kept parenting tools I’ve tried, tested, and widely talked about for over 25 years. This is modern, conscious parenting and my aim is to take the guesswork out of it. Join me every week to help you make the most out of the first frightening and fleeting year of your baby’s life.

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