the honeymoon is over

The honeymoon is over with Cassidy Mason | Episode 4

The honeymoon is over. You’ve spent 10 – 14 days with your sweet, sleepy newborn when suddenly everything changes. You might find that they’re waking more often at night, grizzlier and harder to settle.

In this week’s Sense by Meg Faure podcast, Meg chats to Cass about the changes she’s noticed in 2-week-old baby Max. Meg shares some insights into the sensory experience of the womb and what you can do to calm your newborn when they are overstimulated and fussy. Take a look at ideal baby awake times (chart included) to help you to know when your little one needs to be settled.

The honeymoon is over – now what?

While you’re adjusting to being a new parent, you might find the end of the honeymoon phase particularly hard. You could get so much done while your newborn was sleeping – even go on outings. But now that your little one is harder to settle (especially at night) and just fussier in general, parenting suddenly becomes much harder. How do you manage it? What cry is a cry you should be worried about? And when does it end?

Meg and Cass tackle these questions and more as they discuss growth spurts and what changes that brings. They also talk about when to call the Doctor if your baby is crying non stop. Meg also shares a super tip for managing night waking that you don’t want to miss.

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Cassidy Mason

Cassidy Mason

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