the juggle is real

The juggle is real with Tové de Chazal Gant | Episode 5

The juggle is REAL…Calling all 2nd time mums! If you’ve expanded your family from one to two little ones (or more) then you will know that more than a little juggling is necessary to keep everyone happy and cared for.

In this week’s podcast, Meg chats to second time mum, Tové, who brought baby Jagger home 7 weeks ago. Tové is grappling with very common separation anxiety and behavioural changes in her older little one, who is also a special needs.

Meg and Tové talk about practical ways to manage different sleep, feeding and bedtime routines when you only have two hands and so many hours in a day! Meg shares some ideas to focus on your toddler when you bring a new baby home. They talk about the importance of working with your partner to make sure the responsibility is shared. They also chat about the benefits of slowing down and giving yourself time to adjust without the pressures of work or perfection.

The juggle is real but so is the all-in-one baby app

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Guests on this show

Tové de Chazal Gant

Tové de Chazal Gant

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