Potty training guide

Potty training guide

This potty training guide by Meg Faure will help you start your journey to nappy-free little ones!


Sometime between your baby’s first and second birthday, they will show interest in using the toilet. When they do, be sure to reward and encourage their interest. This is the first sign your little one is ready.

Once they have shown interest, these are the three principles for choosing the right time:

  1. Start potty training in the first warm season after your toddler expresses interest. This is usually the first summer from around 20 months of age.
  2. Make sure the time is right for your family – for example not when you have morning sickness or a newborn to contend with.
  3. Choose a week when you are with your little one or at least the first three days should be days when you are at home from work all day.


Potty training your toddler is an important milestone that shouldn’t be difficult or contentious! A good dose of patience and praise and your little one will catch on in no time. Find out more about optimising your baby’s development here.

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