Growing out of the Fourth Trimester

Growing out of the Fourth Trimester with Cassidy Mason | S2 Ep23

Growing out of the Fourth Trimester is bitter/sweet. On the one hand, you’re moving out of that sometimes very fussy stage into a new stage of development between 3 and 6 months. On the other hand, for many mums this is also the time when maternity leave comes to an end and they are back at work juggling work/baby/life. In this episode, we chat to regular mom on the show, Cassidy, as her little Max reaches 11 weeks. Cassidy shares how he is starting to experience some changes that indicate that he’s growing out of the Fourth Trimester and entering a new phase of infanthood.

The 3 – 6 month stage

Meg gives Cassidy some practical tips about some new challenges that have come up – changes in Max’s feeding routine and hunger patterns. Meg points out that because Cass is feeling more rushed and time pressured as life returns to it’s usual ‘busy-ness’ can have an impact on your baby’s state as well as their routine.

Meg suggests changes to Max’s feeding schedule and Cass shares how Max has a preference for one breast and is more fussy and distracted at feeding times. They also talk about how overstimulation is much more prevalent at this age because feeding times are sometimes stretched for 3 to 4 hourly and that they sense the rush and fast pace that we sometimes forget can impact on their sensory load.

When is it time for weaning?

Meg and Cass also talk a bit about when to start solids and although Max is still too young to start weaning, they chat about the signs that indicate your baby is ready for solids once they reach 17 weeks. Meg also shares some advice with Cass about why Max is resisting sleep more and what to do about it.

Listen for all of this and more as Meg and Cass chat about life as a real mom living in the real world.

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Guests on this show

Cassidy Mason

Cassidy Mason

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