Becoming a mum

Becoming a Mum with Cassidy Mason | Episode 2

Last week on SENSE by Meg Faure we got to know the mum behind the podcast.

This week, Meg talks to Cass – first time mum to baby Max. Cass shares her incredible birth story and the challenging week that followed.

Do you remember the moment your baby came into the world? Was your birth story as you planned it or did you have to make some changes? What do you remember most about that first hour, day and week?

Cass shares all in a candid chat with Meg. They talk about expectations, the emotions that come up, the natural instinct to protect our little ones as soon as they are born. Together, Meg and Cass also unpack all the curve balls that can come our way. Meg talks about the importance of mental flexibility in new parents, day/night sleep reversal in newborns and of course, poo – what’s normal and what to expect.

Tune in for this fascinating discussion and join the conversation! Look out for social media posts asking for your parenting questions. Listen in to the podcast where Meg answers your questions every week to help you parent with sense. For now, let’s meet Cass and Max.

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*WARNING This episode contains discussion about labour and child birth*

Guests on this show

Cassidy Mason

Cassidy Mason

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