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Breastfeeding: the practical & emotional challenges with Cassidy Mason | S2 Ep27

Breastfeeding: the practical and emotional challenges is an honest, heart-warming, and insightful chat about the journey that we take when we choose to breastfeed our babies. Now that Max is 12 weeks old, Cass and Meg take a look back at the first trimester and especially the very early days when Cass had just become a mum. They also talk about expectations – what we think it will be like and how we adapt to the reality.

Breastfeeding & sleep

The Masons have had a tough week in their household with Max being up more during the night. Cass has questions for Meg about Max’s feeding and sleeping schedule that seem to be going through a transition. And Cass confesses to having had a tough week mentally while she toys with the reality of having to stop breastfeeding during the day.

Meg suggests that Cass allow Max to take the lead in terms of breastfeeding and have a backup bottle ready to take the anxiety off them both. Meg shares some sensible advice about the combination of breast and formula feeding and some of the challenges of breastfeeding.

When breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally

Listen now for Meg’s tips on addressing Cass’s breastfeeding challenges with busy little Max. Meg talks about her own struggles with breastfeeding her three children and the importance of flexibility and the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect, permanent routine when it comes to babies.

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Guests on this show

Cassidy Mason

Cassidy Mason

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