An intimate look at Post Natal Depression

An intimate look at Post Natal Depression

An intimate look at Post Natal Depression is an honest account from one mom who found herself drowning in the pressures of caring for her baby. Being  a new mom is tough for everyone. But it’s never tougher than when you suffer from Post Natal Depression (PND), also known as Postpartum Depression. I received this email from a reader and wanted to share it with you. Can you relate?

Thank you sooooo much for the article “Post Natal Depression: An in-depth look.” 

I sat and cried and cried. They were tears of relief as I finally felt normal. I too struggled with PND, to the point where I literally packed up and moved back to my mom’s house  with my 2 week old in tow.

For four weeks I struggled with feelings of inadequacy. I would cry so  many times throughout the day because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling these overwhelming feelings of joy, love and closeness with my newborn baby boy.

I kept asking myself “where is this bond?” I compared myself to friends and colleagues who just had babies. In my head, I would repeat their stories of experiencing such  overwhelming love and happiness, until it became a vicious cycle of comparison, self-loathing and misery.

My mom and husband were my saving grace. My mother helped me establish a routine, and once we got this sorted everything fell into place. Night times consisted of “You feed, I burp you & we’re back to sleep.” My husband was patient and understanding and made trips back and forth from our place to my mother’s every night.

After 6 weeks I was ready to face being “alone” with my baby. Amazingly, it wasn’t as bad as I had made it out to be in my  mind. I also felt strong enough to get some professional help and it was a huge relief to finally feel like I wasn’t alone and that lots of moms suffered with PND. 

To any moms out there going through this…talk about how and what you are feeling. Even if it sounds “bad” in your head, be honest and let yourself be heard. You are not alone and as dark and lonely as the tunnel seems, you will get through it. Honestly, you will see the light soon.

My angel is now 4 and a half months old and I can’t imagine loving someone more. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & expertise with us, Meg. You’ve helped me through many dark days and continues to do so as my little one gets busier.

Contact a trusted healthcare professional if you suspect you are suffering from post natal depression.

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Meg faure

Meg Faure

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