Gross Motor Milestones – When to be Concerned

A delay in one gross motor milestone is generally not a cause for great concern. You must take into account that your baby is an individual and will progress in life at his own pace. However, if your baby shows a cluster of delays you may want to bring it up with your pediatrician or go and see a pediatric physiotherapist:

  • Did not roll and does not crawl by 11 months
  • Is not sitting by 8 months and is not engaged with his world
  • Smiled late and never rolled and is not sitting
  • Dislikes movement and going in the car and has not rolled or sat
  • Not walking by 16 months
  • Sat after 6 months, never crawled and is not walking at 14 months
  • Very happy to lie on his back at 8 months and sat late



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