Confident Parenting

Confident Parenting

Confident parenting – we all want to say with certainty that what we’re doing for our little one’s is best. I don’t know about you, but with my first baby, I was a bundle of nerves. I could hardly believe they let me out of the hospital with him! I was sure I would harm him and never be able to meet his nutritional needs.

It was a journey to become a confident mom and there were many factors that helped me build the confidence to know I could meet James’ needs. I think that this is a sentiment shared by many new moms – we feel ill-equipped for motherhood and at the same time feel the enormous weight of the responsibility of nurturing a new life. It’s a perfect storm for anxiety and PND.

My top confidence boosters

Looking back, I would say there were two things that really boosted by confidence and let me feel like I could do this mothering thing:

The first thing was a supportive mom. My mom built me up daily, telling me what a wonderful mother I was. Find your supportive voice and be one for someone else.

The other thing I did was to wear James in a carrier– he was rarely off me in those early days – whether we were walking along the beach, shopping or if it was sleep time and I was battling to settle him. I would pop him into my sling. In those days the best product on the market was a ring sling, which supported his head well and was a safe, womb-like space for James to be soothed.

My advice is to find a carrier that works for you. Numerous upright carriers are available and the SnuggleRoo is as comfortable as a wrap carrier with no complicated fabric wrapping. This fully adjustable upright carrier is my first choice for carrier for confident parenting.

My other top tip for building your confidence as a parent is to subscribe to Parent Sense. It’s the all-in-one baby app that takes the guesswork out of feeding, sleep, development, health and more. Best of all, it’s a single source of science-backed, expert advice that’s available where and when you need it. Download Parent Sense now and start parenting with confidence!


Meg faure

Meg Faure

Hi, I’m Meg Faure. I am an Occupational Therapist and the founder of Parent Sense. My ‘why’ is to support parents like you and help you to make the most of your parenting journey. Over the last 25 years, I’ve worked with thousands of babies, and I’ve come to understand that what works for fussy babies works just as well for all babies, worldwide.